5 Uses for LED Strip Lighting in the Home

LED strip lighting is a very versatile and creative way of adding light to your interior design. It has long been used by interior designers for businesses and hotels and now it’s easily available for home use too.

The strip lighting comes in lengths or as a long roll, with the individual LEDs mounted on flexible tape. It can be cut at certain intervals, which makes it very easy to fit into smaller spaces. This flexibility allows for an infinite number of applications, limited only by your creativity.

There are at least three different options when it comes to purchasing this lighting: Single colour in either warm white or cool white; colour changing RGB (red, green and blue) or single colour in a variety of different colours. While the white light is most useful for general household lighting, the colour options can add drama to an interior and can create fun lighting solutions for homes and businesses.

1. Under counter and under cabinet lighting in kitchens

Any dark shadowy areas on kitchen work surfaces can be banished with the use of strip lighting attached underneath cabinets. The advantage of LED strips over fluorescent tubes is that they can be cut to exactly the right length, giving even, bright light the whole length of the counter. And of course LEDs are far more economical to run, using far less electricity.

2. Bookshelves and display shelves

LED strip lighting solves the problem of lighting bookshelves and other display shelves. Short strips of LEDs can be cut to size, discreetly lighting each section with a warm glow.

3. Nooks and niches

Curved nooks and niches can often be problematic from a lighting point of view, but with the flexible strips of LED lights, it is now easy to light individual and curved niches. Because the strips have such a slim profile it is also easy to conceal them in the recess, with no ugly tubes or bulbs to detract from the smooth line of the interior.

4. Bar Lighting

Bar areas can be transformed with subtle LED strip lighting. Get glitzy with colour changing strips or go for subtle light accents of your prized collection of vintage bottles.

5. Desks and hobby areas

Even lighting is a great help for desk areas, or workshops. Easy to install LED strips can be used to create just the right light for fine and detailed work exactly where you want it.

LED strip lighting is easy to install and need a transformer to adjust the voltage to LED requirements. Ask advice from your LED supplier to make sure you get the right components for the application you have in mind.

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