5 Top Tips for Lighting a Home

Lighting your home is essential for expressing your personality and turning your house into a home. The following steps are guidelines to help place your personal touch on your home through various lighting tips and tricks. If you have children, make sure you make the lighting kid friendly. You could even include designs that suit them. What makes a house a home is not that you dominate with just your personality but that it combines all those with whom you live to create harmony. Harmony in a household allows everyone to be more productive and overall happier.

1) Balance Task with Mood lights based on each room’s function

Task keeps a kitchen well-lit for cooking whereas Mood involve dimmable or mellow lights in your bedroom to help you relax before sleep. To be effective, combine both of these. A home that is too bright causes a feeling of agitation. There is no specific room, (or as commonly called ‘sanctuary’), to escape and wind-down. Alternatively, a home that is too dim or mellow causes a feeling of lethargy. Brightness increases focus and a willingness to do household chores. Dim lighting may relax you too much to the point of neglecting household duties

2) Let in natural light

Maintain a good ratio of windows to your house’s size and don’t forget skylights to let in sunshine. Sunshine brings happiness into your home. You will also be happier when you see your electrical bill from replacing artificial with natural or free light. Your indoor plants will also thank you! Remember with lighting that everything is connected and even a small change in your lighting habits has a major impact elsewhere.

3) Minimize appearance of unsightly cords

Consider cordless lamps or lighting. Otherwise be creative! Use the cord in the actual hang of overhead lights. You could also attach the cord to a wall and hide it with a pretty design or with a camouflaged cover. You could even arrange your furniture or different items in the room to hide the appearance of light cords.

4) Don’t forget outside

Have a sprinkle of lighting for your patio, garden, and around your home’s exterior. This is important for security reasons as much as aesthetic. Consider solar power lights that automatically switch on when dark. Automatic lighting will save you money on your electrical bill along with the hassle of remembering to turn-on the lights at night and off in the morning. Be modest with outdoor lighting. Have just the right amount to suit your front or back area.

5) Artistic lighting adds style and warmth

Always include lights or lamps with unique designs that express the personality of you and your home. The addition of a lamp with a distinct design can surprisingly make an entire room. Many choose lamps with designs on the outside so that the lamp is just as beautiful unlit.

Remember the golden rule of lighting – keep it simple, elegant, and creative!

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