5 Questions You Need to Ask When Buying Crystal Chandeliers

You may be provided with so many options when buying crystal chandelier that you can’t truly decide which one would be perfect for your place.

You can actually get a very nice piece at a great price if you know the right questions to ask. The good news is that there are only 5 basic questions that can lead you to the crystal chandelier that truly fits your preference and budget.

Are the parts contributory to the whole?

Crystal chandeliers are made of several parts and not just glass. Aside from the main glass components, check the prisms, light bulbs, cover, stems and platform. All these pieces should merge together forming one intricate artwork. The beauty of crystal chandeliers lies on how well the parts and materials combine. Quality designs are made with each part carefully complimenting the next. Find one that appears whole even though it may appear very sophisticated.

Is it the right size?

Consider the area or room where you’re planning to install the crystal chandelier. A good choice would be one that drives attention to it as the main object but not too overwhelming that it makes the room appear smaller than usual. Ask for the exact dimensions and compare it with the measurements of your room. Height is very important to note. Big halls and dining areas can accommodate huge crystal chandeliers well. There are also small-sized ones that look good in bedrooms.

Does it augment light well?

One of the main highlights of crystal chandeliers is their ability to augment light well through their glass and prisms. The chandelier not only acts as the lone light source but also can accentuate others in a nice soft glow when dimmed. Great choices would be those that can both attract attention when in full light and deliver soothing hues.

Is it made well?

There are popular crystal chandelier manufacturers known for their quality and unique pieces. Depending on your source, you should ensure that the chandelier will be able to function well for years to come. Even if you’re buying an antique one, you should consider how long it can last and if the parts have been modified accordingly to suit your needs.

Is the price right?

Also consider your budget when buying crystal chandelier. You may get lucky getting a nice piece from a thrift shop or an antique one in a garage sale. Surf the internet and compare prices from reputable manufacturers and antique shops so you have an idea how much quality light fixtures really cost. Good quality crystal chandeliers will cost you at least 500 dollars or more.

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