4 Ways to Make Your Home Lighting Greener

With today’s economy people are looking for ways to save money as well as make their world a better place. By making a few small changes in your homes overall lighting scheme will help you achieve this.

1- Replace the most used fixtures. You don’t have to complete a wholesale lighting remodel to enhance your home lighting remodel to enhance your lighting’s green factor. Go step by step, starting with the lighting fixtures that you use the most. Label them in priority from lights you turn on and leave on to lights that are frequently used but not for long periods of time. These are the fixtures you will want to focus on the first. You will want to install a LED light fixture or a energy efficient fixture that falls under the energy star guidelines. One major myth is that most fixtures do not have stylish designs. That is not true we will use a black chandelier for example. Most manufactures are taking most popular chandeliers and making them energy efficient.

2- Choose a light bulb for fixtures like a recessed can that typically uses a incandescent light bulb with a more energy efficient light bulb such as a Cfl bulb or LED bulb. Replacing your bulbs in other lights is cost effective way to go greener without changing your home lighting.

3- Find lights that use the light produced more efficiently and focus the illumination on the area or task at hand and not disperse the light to the ceiling or other un used area. Also use the smallest wattage of bulb available that does not put off a lot of heat. Heat is a form of energy lose that can be avoided.

4- Find unique ways to accent your home lighting such as using accent lights the use led technology to produce their light rather than conventional incandescent or xenon bulbs. These are great to highlight work areas such as countertops in a kitchen or bath. They are also great for high lighting Knick knacks and art work throughout your home.

Just by changing a few light bulbs in your home you will be amazed at how much this will save you on your energy bill.

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