4 Types of Rustic Lighting That Are a Must Have for Any Home

Among the many styles and themes that dominate interior design, rustic style finds an increased preference among home owners. It is not just the layout, color combinations, or furniture that contributes to the raw appeal of these homes, but it is also the lighting scheme.

Rustic styled light fixtures are gaining more prominence as a category of lighting. From handcrafted lights in bronze or brass, to faux antlers and wooden fixtures, these lights enhance not just the appearance but also the ambience of living spaces. Here is a look at 4 interesting light fixtures that can be used to decorate rustic styled abodes.

I – Antler Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an inevitable component of lighting in living rooms. Smaller versions of these light fixtures, often called mini chandeliers, are also used in spaces like foyers or walkways. They function not only as light sources but also as centerpieces that draw attention, and awe the viewers. Chandeliers made of original or faux antlers are one of the most appropriate light fixtures to bring home the rustic appearance. The asymmetrical style and dull brown shades of the antler lend a simple and unsophisticated feel and evoke a raw appeal that brings one close to nature.

II – Painted Light Bars

Bar lights are popular fixtures in bathrooms and powder rooms and are usually mounted over vanities and sinks as ambient light sources. Hand painted light bars that use translucent or frosted glass bring out a homely charm like no other. The colors on the glass also help radiate bright hues in dwelling spaces and make them more attractive. When combined with materials like brass or bronze and techniques like filigree, which adds beautiful patterns on the surface of the glass, lighting bars work as excellent rustic lighting fixtures.

III – Pagoda Sconces

Wall sconces are another category of light fixtures that can be used to adorn rustic themed homes. The classic geometric shaped wall sconces are one among the most preferred rustic styled lamps. Those crafted in the shape of pagodas are a perfect choice in this regard. When made from dark colored metals and combined with frosted or iridescent glass, these light fixtures exude a warm and welcoming hue in living spaces.

IV – Birdcage Post Mount

Post mounts placed on boundary walls or around fences, and along driveways are another important category of lighting fixtures that can be used to bring about a rustic look and feel. The simple, birdcage shaped mounts are reminiscent of colonial era and hence complement the unsophisticated appearance. Made of metallic frames and paneled with clear glasses, these are an apt choice in decorating homes in rustic style.

As with other components of interior decor, lighting plays an important role in lending a rustic appeal to dwelling spaces. With careful consideration, the best of rustic lighting combinations can be chosen for your homes; leaving a lasting impression on dwellers and guests alike.

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