4 Tips to Use LED Lighting for Decoration!

Lighting is an excellent way to add the much needed tint of glamour to the premise, isn’t it? But the classic form of lighting is way too big making it absolutely unfit for people who want to invest in something subtle yet classy. The LED lighting comes across as a perfect solution to such situations. As the name suggests, LED lighting is all about a long strip of LED bulbs that you can use to decorate different areas. From highlighting specific parts of your interiors to simply lighting up the premises, LED lights can be used for several purposes. To top it all, LED bulbs looks simple yet very classy when it comes to accentuating the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.

Here are a few tips on how to use LED tubes to decorate the premises:

1. Choose the area that you want to highlight: This is the tricky part wherein you have to focus on identifying the area that needs the highlighting. If you are relatively new to the concept, seek the advice of interior designers or look up the internet for some amount of guidance. Also, remember to choose areas that are relatively dull so that even a small dose of lighting is able to highlight it beautifully.

2. Type of LED lighting: It is important to understand that one type of lighting is not going to match all your requirements. Therefore, the simplest way out of the situation is to identify the purpose of lighting. Here again, there are three basic classifications that you will need to choose from prior to buying your LED light:

– Ambient lighting: This is the type of lighting where the LED light will be used for the overall illumination of the entire premise.

– Task lighting: This is the type of lighting that draws the attention to a specific area like the kitchen counters, bathroom mirror, etc.

– Ascent lighting: This is a type of lighting that highlights a particular object like a painting, ancient vase, etc. in the room.

3. Buying the LED lights: While purchasing LED lighting, be clear about the length that you are looking for, the power of light that you need and accordingly the size of the LED bulb that will suit your requirement.

4. Installation: The actual installation of LED tubes is easy since most of them come with a self-adhesive strip attached to the back. However, you need to ensure that the surface on which the lighting is to be installed is clean, dry and levelled. In case, you are doing the installation in an area that is prone to leaks, opt for a water-proof LED bulb to avoid any mishaps.

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