4 Most Popular Lighting Designs For 2013

When it comes to lighting in your home, you should always be at par with the current trends. This will contribute to your home decor significantly and increase the value of your home. Of course, you will leave all the details to your electrician but it is vital to know some of the current popular trends in lighting design. By examining the most common customer picks, color currents and latest designs in the industry, experts have come up with the most popular trends for the year 2013. These include:

  • Going green

In the modern households, saving energy and saving cash is good. Due to the tough economy, many shoppers are looking for ways they can save money. Hence, many homes are now going for energy-efficient light designs. According to experts, pendant chandeliers work perfectly with LEDs. Pendants are eco-friendly and flexible especially when outfitted with cool running LED. This design is popular with many homes because of its simplicity, and it saves energy as well as reduces cost.

  • Glam and glitter

This is another common lighting trend in 2013. Many households are now combining the traditional glam aspects such as glass and crystal with the simplicity modern design has to offer. According to experts, when decorating homes with lighting designs, many tend to lean towards conversational designs. The most conversational designs include a mix and much of all the styles. For example, you might choose to go for a modern crystal chandelier in the bathroom, where one would expect a simple ceiling light.

  • Lay on the floor

In 2013, color is big and bold in lighting. Huge primary colors such as blue and red have been showing up since the beginning of the year. For instance, Monaco Blue was named the color of lighting for spring season. Designers are also going for loud, bright and unapologetic red, the fire engine red. Blue glass mini-pendants and red glass chandeliers exemplify the lay on the floor design for this year.

  • Black in black

Just as every person needs a little bit of black, the same is true when it comes to lighting. According to the top lighting designers, every chic room must have a little black in the chandelier. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an increased sale in black chandeliers since black is the ultimate color of versatility and elegance. Choose the most suitable style for your home and enjoy a new look.

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