3 Types of Interior Lighting to Set That Perfect Mood

When it comes to your home lighting options, there are quite a bit of choices for the perfect set up for your living space. As more and more home owners get involved with their own home improvement projects, most are finding themselves moving away from traditional lighting systems of the past. You can pick up a recent home improvement magazine and see the vast options being advertised in the glossy pages.

These new options add drama and a warm environment for oncoming guests to your home. So why not consider the three types of lighting options that can give you that perfect backdrop for entertaining guests and for everyday living. We’ll cover some basic lighting types and their overall purpose. This is help you get a better idea of what you should shop for when considering your lighting fixtures. Here are the different types of options commonly used for residential settings.

General Lighting

General lighting is used as a primary way to light living areas or walkways. It’s set as a comfortable level and allows people to walk through the room safely. Some of the more popular examples of general lighting options are wall and ceiling mounted fixtures. Other examples are popular recessed lighting and track lighting. Fixtures that hang from the ceiling are also general lighting systems. Some examples are chandeliers and lanterns.

If you room has a good amount of windows, you can also use the natural sunlight as a viable option to adding general lighting to the room. But in the evening, you will need to source a decent general lighting option. Depending on the theme and style your rooms is set for, you lighting options will dictate that overall mood. With so many choices in the marketplace, be sure to choose according to your budget and overall style of the interior space. It should compliment your existing interior design.

Task Oriented Lighting

Task oriented lighting allows users to have a focused beam of light in a specific area. It helps overall to perform and complete certain tasks. Some tasks might be in the kitchen over a stove, reading in the room or study. Commonly general lighting options do not give enough light while performing hobbies or reading.

In these instances, adding task lighting will definitely help increase the comfort level for the user. Typically, most homes have some sort of task lighting to serve as a main source of light for specific tasks. Lamps and spotlights are some of the more popular lighting setup for task-oriented lighting.

Others configurations can be a headlamp or halogen desk lamp. When selecting the right task lighting of your needs, be sure to consider the design that will not project distracting shadows. In addition, make sure if bright enough as well. Some lights may seem task oriented but are actually the next type of lighting.

Accent Lighting

This is the most critical type of lighting to properly set up the mood in your interior space. Drama and warmth can be set with dimmers. Some of the examples of Accent lighting are the types of spotlights that highlight pictures or artwork on the wall.

In addition, they are used to emphasize houseplant and shrubs on the exterior of the home. These accent lights can provide as much as three times more light than traditional lighting systems. The most common configurations are either track lighting, wall mounted and recessed lighting.

So whatever your home improvement project calls for. Be sure to start considering the type of lighting you will need to fully utilize the interior space. Remember, material, positioning and wattage play in the overall outcome for your lighting configurations. Be sure to check out a variety of stores to see what options you have for your new lighting project.

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