3 Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Magnifying Floor Lamp

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy that needs you to be able to view small items easily? If you do and would like to make the whole process of creating something beautiful then it is worth thinking about spending money on a magnifying floor lamp. However, you shouldn’t go out and purchase the first lamp you see. Instead it is worth taking your time and doing some research into what is available, this way you can be assured of getting the right kind of lamp that will meet your needs perfectly.

Also when it comes to shopping for this type of floor lamp there are certain things that you need to take into consideration as you do so. Below we take a look at just what some of these considerations are.

Consideration 1 – What Type Of Bulb Is The Lamp Fitted With?

When it comes purchasing this type of light choose the one that has a fluorescent rather than incandescent bulb fitted. The reason for choosing this kind is that they cast an even ring of light over the area that the light is being directed on to. Plus you will find that the colors of the objects you are working with remain looking new and fresh.

Consideration 2 – Can You Change The level Of Magnification?

This is something very important as well. By being able to adjust the level of magnification means that you will be placing far less strain on your eyes when carrying out very minute and intricate work.

Consideration 3 – Can The Arm and Head Of The Lamp Be Adjusted?

By having a magnifying floor lamp that has an adjustable arm and head makes being able to put the light in the right position without placing stress and strain on the body is a lot easier. Ideally you want a lamp where you can not only move the position of the arm allowing you to move lamp closer to the object being worked on but also where the head pivots so being able to put it in the perfect position without the need for you to move from your seat is perfect.

Anyone who already has a magnifying floor lamp will tell you just how beneficial they are. In most cases they have found that not only can this help them to complete a particular hobby project but are just as good for when you want to read.

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